About us - Resilient Women’s Organization – Uganda

Resilient Women’s Organization (RWO) in Uganda is a registered grass root Non-Profit Organization established in 2016 to socially and economically empower adolescent girls and young women. Resilient Women’s Organization headquarters are located in Kitala, at P.O.Box 83-Kisubi, Entebbe Road, Katabi, Wakiso district. The organization, since its establishment in 2016 has supported 98 adolescent girls and young women, 13 of these teenage mothers and were taken in with their babies, under their shelter program (rescue and rehabilitation) and provided vocational skills to about 80 adolescent girls and young women. Financial Literacy training workshops were also provided to about 100 women in the communities of Kitala and Kigungu. It offers a wide range of programs to positively impact the adolescent girls and young women plus vulnerable families in our areas of operation.. At Resilient Women’s Organization Uganda activities aim at improving the welfare of adolescent girls and young women in Wakiso District. RWO operates youth-friendly centers in Wakiso district which offer a wide range of services , Access to vocational skills training, Community and family dialogues to curb child marriages and teenage pregnancies, and financial Literacy workshops for community women). Resilient Women’s Organization - Uganda works with Local leaders and other partners in the district and has established a strong network of partnerships to overcome development challenges. Resilient Women’s Organization operates in Wakiso District, Central Uganda. Major areas of operation are Kitala; where the main office is located and where the main temporary shelter for adolescent girls and young women is, and Nakawuka; where the organization owns land and operates a farming project with hopes of building offices, shelter and training spaces for future growth and sustainability. We also boost 2 youth friendly centers as safe spaces, 1 in Kitala and a newly established one (opened in September 2020) in Nalugala village.

Overall Goal

To enable adolescent girls and young women from the targeted community to have equal access to resources and services.

Resilient Women’s Organization – Uganda Core Values;

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Equality
  • Teamwork


Specific Objectives:

  • To create economic opportunities for youth through providing access to vocational training.
  • To generate income sources for community women through training in skills such as Financial literacy, tailoring, hair dressing.
  • To provide basic literacy learning opportunity for the trainees in order to manage their daily business.
  • To Provide direct services to at-risk, married, and formerly married girls like counselling, teaching them about SRHR, giving them a safe space to learn and acquire skills to better their lives.
We have since opened a temporary women’s reform shelter for teen mothers and young women who find themselves stranded and hopeless, in a bid to give them some wings so they can fly again. Resilient Women’s Organization - Uganda was founded in March 2016 and officially registered as a Community Based Organization on the 14th December 2016. Uganda Resilient Women’s Organization’s programs are part of the organization’s efforts geared towards women empowerment and breaking the poverty cycle in the lives of the affected young women.

Uganda Resilient Women’s Organization Objectives

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