Resilient Women’s Organization is involved in a number of Programs that are geared towards achieving our mission and over all vision of a society where all adolescent girls and young women have equal access to resources and services. Irrespective of sexual orientation, religion, ethnic or tribal background, social background or physical/mental ability or disability;


1. Girls’ Shelter Program (Rescue & Rehabilitation).

  • Rescue and rehabilitation of at-risk adolescent girls and young women
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights education for in and out of school adolescents through Resilient Clubs creation approach. Resilient Clubs, which act as a safe space tool are created in villages and our schools of operation.
  • Provision of access to and training in vocational skills like Hair Dressing, Tailoring & Fashion Design and Computer Literacy. This training is provided at our village centered Resilient Clubs, and also at our main offices where our safe space/ youth friendly center activities are headquartered.

2. Community & Family Outreaches Program.

  • Community workshops and dialogues for sensitization on issues of  gender equality, teenage pregnancies and child marriages.
  • Capacity building workshops to educate local leaders regarding women and children’s rights and the topic of SRHR.
  • Signing of Memorandum of Association with different village and district leaders.
  • Advocacy efforts with local leaders to foster and pave way for Women’s Economic Empowerment.

3. Women Economic Empowerment Program (WEE).

We greatly believe that economically empowering women is one of the key tools of Community Development. It is women who cater to their families and mostly will make sure that their children are educated. In order to foster equality and ensure that there is an end to Child Marriages and Teenage Pregnancies, economically empowering women is important and listed below are our WEE activities;

  1. Tailoring & Fashion Design training
  2. Hairdressing Training
  3. Shoe Making Training
  4. SMEs basic management Training
  5. E-business & marketing Training
  6. Advocating for WEE with Local and national leaders partnerships
  7. Organizing women into village economic development groups


4. Medical Outreaches & HIV/STI Awareness Program.

Since our target group of beneficiaries involves vulnerable families, communities and adolescent girls and young women at-risk of gender baaed violence, teenage pregnancies and dropping out of school, these are individuals who usually cant afford or have little to no access to medical services, however basic they are. Individuals at-risk of contacting HIV and other STIs because of lack of this access or information. Our medical outreach and HIV/STI awareness program is in place to reach out to those in dire need of information and medical services; be it HIV tests and ARV information and services, or malaria tests and access to mosquito nets, we have partnered with local clinics and medical personnel who are on call every time we arrange these outreaches.


5. Youth SRHR Empowerment Program (Resilient Clubs).

Through our Resilient Clubs Program, we empower young people, both boys and girls, in and out of school, with the right Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) Information to enable them make informed choices regarding their sexual lives and health. As a nation with the second youngest population in the world, it is sad that our young people are still faced with teenage pregnancies and child marriages and a good percentage of this boils down to young people not having access to the right SRHR information and services. Though our Resilient Clubs Program, we are bridging this information gap and making sure that all young people, in and out of school, those at-risk and those vulnerable are not left behind.



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