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by showing adolescent girls and young women that they have the potential to live full lives, that they have equal rights and opportunities.

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Interested in volunteering in Uganda?​
Join our volunteer team by filling out the forms online. We are always happy to welcome individuals whose skills and interests match our organization and community needs. As a volunteer, you can expect to assist in educational and skill-building programs, deliver HIV support and awareness, join our medical program, mentor young women, engage in community outreach and even provide organizational support. Do you have experience in and passion for education, NGO or non-profit work, medical, women's empowerment? We welcome you!  As our programs and projects are continually evolving and our organization growing, you may find that you are just who we need to continue serving our community and organization goals.  You have a choice from 5 of our programs as listed below; #Girls' Shelter Program #Community & Family Outreaches Program #Women Economic Empowerment Program #Resilient Clubs Programs for bous and girls in and out of school. #Medical Outreaches & HIV/STI Awareness Program. We have a safe volunteer house and home-stay options, for your living arrangements during your stay with us.

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