Our Projects

This is a new project which got kick-started in late 2017 for agribusiness activities as well as to house our second shelter home.

Nakawuka is a bit far off of town life, serene and has rich capable lands for our proposed model of environmentally-friendly organic farming, poultry rearing and a piggery.

Our very own girls will offer labour and once all is up & running, this project will sustain our learning packages and some feeding needs.

With Uganda’s HIV prevalence rates on the rise among younger individuals especially teen mothers, we decided to join the rest of the health sector in further spreading the message that HIV is preventable.

Our positive living group helps us during the outreaches in partnership with health personnel.

Young women especially need to know that they can take positive charge of their own bodies and life’s decisions.

In the fields below:

Hairdressing and Salon management.
Tailoring and Knitting classes.