community members, leaders, families and the youth ponder the rising teenage pregnancy rates.
Yesterday, 27th September, 2020, we held our first Intergenerational Dialogue (IGD) in Nalugala village, Entebbe municipality whose theme was ” empowering girls and young women realise their Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights in a positive and supportive society”
The main topic of discussion was: when should young people have access to SRHR information? what kind of information needs to be accessed? from who can they get such information from? and why this information is helpful in reducing child marriages and early unions.
The event brought all together Entebbe leaders, parents and young people, the moslem, the Catholic and Anglican religious leaders, women and youth councillors , youth chairpersons, the mayor, parents, health workers, the police,the sub county leaders, and headteachers.
Church leader shares her views on why child marriages and teenage pregnancies are a problem.


Town Council women’s leader also shares with the youth about teenage pregnancies and child marriages.


Resilient Club members share a skit on the causes of teenage pregnancies and child marriages.
Local leaders and parents managed to raise shs. 1.3m to support our Economic empowerment work . As an organization, we will work with the local women council leaders to start hairdressing training for the girls and young mothers in addition to the MDD & tailoring training and board games that we launched last month at our Resilient Safe Space in Nalugala.
We also partnered with Gift me Project to have both parents and young people trained in making reusable sanitary pads.

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    1. Hello,
      Child Marriages are caused by the factors listed below;
      1. Poverty (here the family is poor and so marrying a girl off in exchange for bride price or gifts from men is seen as a choice and also some girls run off to be with men since it seems like a solution)
      2. Traditional and cultural beliefs where communities and families dont believe in investing in the girl child and the only good they see is marrying her off.
      3. Child marriages are also driven by a lack of relevant and correct information regarding individual Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights…both parents and children plus community members dont know they have rights and options, eg a girl who has grown up with no knowledge of her sexual and health rights won be in position to make the right choices as an individual, so by engaging families and communities plus adolescents and giving them the right information, we equip them to make more informed choices

      There is so much information regarding SRHR and child marriages…. please take the time to read it up on the Girls Not Brides website or google.

      Thank you for reaching out to Resilient Women’s Organization.

      Responding to you is Hope Lydia Ndagire, the ED

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