Travel halfway around the world to meet our girls and women or stay at home  and collaborate from there: however you decide to contribute, you will be able to make a meaningful difference.


Volunteering on-site is one of the best choices you can do! Come to Uganda, meet our women & girls in person, be part of our office or community team. We’re a small team who is always eager and open for assistance in our journey to spearhead community-led solutions to women’s socioeconomic empowerment.

We offer safe hosting accomodations at a fee and regular working conditions for your volunteering experience. You will be oriented  in your first week & guided by RWO staff during your entire stay to make your volunteer experience a fruitful one.

Each volunteer is a precious resource for RWO and as we learn from each other, you will go back to your home country with a different perspective of the world, and see the world through new eyes.

join us or Donate to Support Girls’ Education in Uganda, Africa

Our volunteer job opportunities look like;

Financial Literacy and
Small Business/Start-up Teachers

You will help our women and girls to gain important skills to build their future. You don't need to be a professional teacher, only a good knowledge of the subject is required.

Nurses and Medical Professionals

You will help us to take care about our girls' health or perform community health outreaches. You could have a chance to volunteer at our partner Family Medical Point clinic.

Counselor & Social worker

You will provide the women and girls who are part of our programs with counseling sessions and organize mental health and wellness lessons to help them face their issues.

Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights educators

Through your knowledge and experience about SRHR, you will help us engage women, girls and young people about their rights.

Organizational Management support

Usually, for volunteers who want to know the technical side of operations at RWO, they can work in the finance department as a Finance Assistant or join our programs department as a Programs Officer depending on your skill set

Because you are going to be part of a dedicated team looking to find lasting community-led solutions to poverty and gender-based abuses in the lives of girls and women;

From being an SRHR educator, to working with the medical team on STIs especially HIV AIDS sensitization drives, to helping vulnerable women to understand family planning and also mentoring and guiding girls at the girls shelter; We believe that RWO is the place to help you reach your volunteering goals.

RWO Volunteering program will make you able to:

  • Make a real social impact on the local community
  • Learn and develop new soft and hard skills
  • Immerse yourself in a different world and explore a new culture. 
  • Develop/boost/enhance your confidence and relevant skills for life
  • Expand your horizons and apprehend things from other people
  • Help people to empower themselves, whatever you decide to do. You’ll also assist them in developing the skills and confidence they need to access better job opportunities
  • Experience more and gain a whole new perspective

Since RWO’s programs are community-led solutions to societal problems like SGBV (Sexual and Gender-Based Violence), child marriages, etc; your presence on the team will directly benefit the vulnerable and at-risk girls and young women by being part of their education and empowerment journey socially and economically.

Working with minors, our child protection policy requests that you are capable to handle the programs you are signing up for, so make sure you educate yourself regarding SRHR information, women’s safe spaces, etc.

And if you are part of the medical team, then expertise in nursing, student nurses or medicine is a must.

You just need to be a motivated person, ready to be challenged and with a good/great sense of initiative.

Your working language will be English.

However, while you are there, you will have the chance to get to know the local languages of Uganda.

Yes, there will be training in form of orientation.

Orientation is hosted by our local team at our volunteers’ base and it covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Uganda; introduction to Uganda, Culture, Customs, Rules, Expectations, Safety, Language Basics (Luganda), Travel/Tour opportunities and introduction to the Organization and project.

The minimum duration of the program is 14 days. Below this, you wouldn’t have the time to acclimate yourself and have an impact as a volunteer.

When you will contact us, we will decide together which is the appropriate duration for your volunteering program.

As soon as you complete your orientation, after arriving in the country.

NB: Covid-19 updates
As soon as there will be safety conditions concerning the Covid-19 situation.

In the meantime, You can start your adventure/experience with RWO from your HOME! – Join/give your contribution through our Online Volunteering program! 

Our activities are based in Kampala, Uganda. In Kampala we also have our shelter.

You will sleep in a volunteer house, as near as possible to the shelter.

The risk due to COVID-19 is low, especially in our areas of operation.

However, we follow the SOPs: we use masks and safety devices, and follow other safety procedures like sanitizing and hand washing.

Our volunteers usually like to travel and see Uganda on the weekends: due to the COVID risks, you have to be particularly cautious.

Application fee costs
there are no application costs

Hosting fees
these cover meals, bottled water, laundry, airport pick up and drop off at $25 USD per day

Our volunteers sleep in a home-stay or volunteer house with a shared living space, kitchen, bunk beds and Western-style bathroom with hot water. Private accommodations are also available at an added cost.

In-country tours, visa fees and ticket fees are also costed by the volunteers.

We recommend you deepen your knowledge of the country before travelling to Uganda.  You have to be prepared for what you will find: it’s essential for you to live a positive volunteering experience and it allows us to work with prepared and useful volunteers on the field.

However, we prepared an introduction to Uganda for you.

Volunteering for RWO changed my life and made me realize I made an impact. I saw a change in the girls but they also changed me ad a person. Now in life I see thing differently.

Jurdainy Lichtenberg

Jurdainy Lichtenberg

Volunteer on the field - from Curaçao

Be aware of what you're good at, what are your skills, so bring resources. If you are good at teaching, bring books, paper pens, and things that can help you with that. And have an open heart and willing next to learn from them as well because we needed a lot of that

Beth Trigg

Beth Trigg


online volunteering

Even if you can’t travel to Uganda, you can make the same impact: We are strong and resourceful, but we need help to get our voice all around the world. 

No matter what your skills are, you can challenge yourself by supporting us with activities you can do from home.

It’s a great way to discover a new country, gain a new perspective of the world and boost your resume with a great learning experience. 

As a online volunteer you can:

Manage our Social Accounts

Contribute to boost our visibility on socials, by publishing new posts. It's an essential activity to find new donors and supporters and maintain the existing ones.

Be a RWO Ambassador

If you are enterprising, you can involve your friends and acquaintances to start your personal fundraising campaign or find a sponsor for one of our girls. Or simply be our international marketer

Create a video

We would like to create a compelling video about our organization in general or a specific project for fundraising purposes. We will provide the content but we need a video expert to put it all together and tell a great story

Write contents for the website

A website always needs to be updated with new contents and articles: you will collect news from RWO local staff and turn them into amazing text for our website.

Search for new partners and funds

To start new projects and make a bigger impact, we need new partnership with sponsors and institution. You can help us to find them and write the documentation they required

Because you are going to be part of a dedicated team looking to find lasting community-led solutions to poverty and gender-based abuses in the lives of girls and women;

RWO Volunteering program will make you able to:

  • Make a real social impact on the local community (even if you collaborat from home)
  • Learn and develop new soft and hard skills
  • Get in touch with a different world, and explore a new culture. 
  • Develop/boost/enhance your confidence and relevant skills for life
  • Expand your horizons and apprehend things from other people
  • Have an international experience to complete and enhance your resume.

Since RWO’s programs are community led solutions to societal problems like SGBV (Sexual and Gender-Based Violence), child marriages, etc; your presence on the team will benefit the vulnerable and at-risk girls and young women.

Working on our communication or finding new funds means guaranteeing to our girls access to foodmedical careeducation and new perspectives for the future: you will help them to empower themselves in a manner you don’t expect.

You just need to be a motivated person, ready to be challenged and with a good/great sense of initiative and self-reliance.

Below you find a list of useful tools, but don’t worry: you can learn to use them during your volunteering experience. They are not a requirement: depending on your role you will deepen the knowledge of different tools and develop new skills

  • Office Package (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Google Drive
  • Canva
  • WordPress Platform, Canva.
  • Video Editing software
  • Communication skills: Management of Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram (active right now) 

Your working language will be English.

It’s a must to communicate with RWO local staff.

Yes, there will be a presentation made by the Chief of RWO. 

Our staff will provide you with a short training about your tasks, the active projects and activities of RWO.

If you will contribute to our online communication  (social media – website – video), you will have access to the Social Strategy documentation made by past volunteers, that will help you in managing the online platforms of RWO + an overview of the new Website use.

In any case, we are always available to give you the information and material you need to do a good job. 

As long as you want it to be.
We will decide together with you the time frame of your volunteering program.

Usually, we recommend a minimum duration of 2-3 months. Especially if you will take responsibility for our social media or website, it allows you to start to know from the inside our country and our organization, and guarantee to us the continuity and stability the communication required.

It strictly depends on which are your tasks and how long is your volunteering program.

Some examples:

  • A volunteer who manages the social accounts, usually spends few hours per week (e.g. 2), to publish 2 posts weekly. On the other side, social media require constancy, so the volunteering program is usually longer.

  • Volunteers who have to realize a video usually spend more hours per week, but the volunteering program finishes earlier, when they have completed the video (obviously, they can continue to collaborate, if they want).

Throughout your volunteering experience, you will be constantly in touch with our staff: you need to build new international relationships to work better. Moreover, that’s the way for you to discover Uganda and our community: we are glad to meet you, tell our stories, exchange points of view.

For the most practical part of your work, you could work in a team or by yourself, depending on your assignment (for example, the volunteers who take care of the social media work and collaborate together).

Whatever is your role, don’t worry: if you are curious, open and cooperative, you will never feel alone.

No, since its online it is completely free of charge

We recommend you to deepen your knowledge of the country, to understand better the environment and the criticalities of women empowerment in Uganda.

We prepared for you an introduction to Uganda and a description of the main issues we fight against.

During your whole experience, you will have the chance to discover more about Uganda and women empowerment, by making questions to our staff and listening to their stories and what they report. 

As soon as you fill up the form: you will have your orientation meeting with the Chief and you can start your online volunteering adventure!

Ready for this adventure?
Click on the button, choose what you want to do, and enter our Resilient Squad!

The volunteering experience with RWO has allowed me to understand that no matter where you are or who you are, freedom and equality are something we all strive for.

Andrea Branco

Andrea Branco

Italian Online volunteer - Social media and website

I volunteered during the COVID Pandemic. I'm locked at home and volunteering for RWO allowed me to know a new country, meet people who changed my perspective and make an impact at a time when the world stopped.

Elisa Nardecchia

Elisa Nardecchia

Italian Online volunteer - Social media and website

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