We envision our community as a more equal one, with girls and women having equal access to information, education and services.

We fight for girls and women to achieve individual growth and development as far as their human rights are concerned.

about us

Resilient Women’s Organization (RWO) in Uganda is a registered grass-root Non-Profit Organization established in 2016 to socially and economically empower adolescent girls and young women. Our activities aim at improving their welfare in Wakiso District and Uganda.

Where we are

RWO’s headquarters are located in Kitala, at P.O.Box 55 Kisubi, Uganda.
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our goals

Ending & responding to child marriages and teenage pregnancies

Women Economic Empowerment

Eradication of Gender Based Violence

why rwo

Hope and Clare (our founders) have grown up around poverty in the early ’90s when HIV/AIDS and children dropping out of school was the norm.  Priority in receiving an education was given to boys other than girls, so Hope and Clare witnessed all their female peers dropping out of school as early as 10 years and having babies after their first period.

They dropped out of school because of financial reasons and this made it harder to really escape the life of poverty they lived in.

Poverty is a big driver of domestic violence and sexual gender-based violence since it limits girls and women from having equal access to resources and services, especially employment, education and SRHR information. In response to this situation, the Resilient Women’s Organization (RWO) was born in 2016.


I refused to accept that when I turned 18 I would get married. Women should marry when they want.

Hope Lydia Ndagire


Our Executive Director Hope is a strong feminist, who will sleep late at 5 while ensuring no woman, no young girl is denied access to rights and opportunities.

Hope’s strength is in her passion for reading and writing: from writing poems about HIV, women and girls, education, she is at the brain behind all the proposals, and grant application processes and networking.

Hope is the heart of our association: not only because of her role but because she is able to establish connections and create real relationships all around the world, taking care personally of every person she meets.

She is transparent, determined and full of hope: she always sees the light in the darker moments. 

I grew up in an area hard for women, they ended up in a child marriage or HIV. There was nothing and one had to survive. So we came up with the idea of help girls reach their dreams.

Clare Nantaba


Claire is our Chief Financial Officer: She takes care of our funds and expenses to ensure the organization continues to operate and have an impact every day. 

She has a deep passion for livelihood empowerment for women and girls and is always glad to sharing her childhood story with other women and girls to encourage them.

Very good at conducting parents sessions and communication, Claire is such a detailed person, she will keep every record of activity and any money spent, even if it’s SHS 100 (2 cents).

She is so good at record-keeping, as such, she handled RWO financial transactions and administrative work.


We couldn’t have such a great impact without our staff: we always work with a lot of passionate and different professionals who have a strong role in taking care of our girls, realizing activities and help us to put into practice what we organize.

Most of our staff are from backgrounds where poverty and Gender inequalities have affected their lives in some way:  they have experienced abuse of struggled to get education and rights.

So our mission makes sense because they resonate with the changes we are working towards achieving.


Last but not least, our precious and resilient volunteers: our strong mission always requires generous and strong people who put themselves at the service of a challenge for change.  

They come from around the world, we host personally some of them here in Uganda while other people had a great impact always staying at home. We met very different people with a common feature: a great heart and the will to not accept inequalities and change them.