After completing my training, I was supported with my sewing machine. This helped me to make my own money: I use them to buy materials, and also take care of my basic needs such as medication.


19 years old girl


Who come from poor families

Between 10 and 20 years old

At risk of
school dropout

Exposed to Sexual or
Gender based violence


We believe all girls have a right to live up to their full potential as children and as individuals. Because of poverty and patriarchic beliefs, parents and society don’t believe in investing in girls education and livelihoods.

The Skills & Vocational training is to socially and economically empower adolescent girls and young women, giving them the power to seek employment when the time is right and the voice to make comprehensive SRHR decisions.

These skills are the key factor to avoid girls ending up as victims of child marriage & teenage pregnancy. We empower them to be able to earn some sort of living to afford menstrual hygiene kits, etc.

how it works

Through several life skills and vocational training and SRHR education, we guide adolescent girls and young women towards a journey where they can comprehensively exploit their abilities and voices.

We assess the girl: often she comes from a poor family, and she has no prospect for the future.

If possible, we try to bring her back to school.

In any case, she receives the skills and vocational training, participating in one or more training, according to her preferences.

At the end of the training, she gains new skills to compete in the job market and be independent.

SRHR Education

Hair Dressing

Handcraft production

Tailoring and knitting

Business and English lessons

Computer literacy
and Dj-ing skills

Talent development

shots from training

a woman should
be independent and free

We believe in it and hope you do too.
Unfortunately, the people who often choose for our girls do not. 

We provide girls with fundamental skills to enter the job market and become independent.  
We do it for free. 

That’s why we would really appreciate it if you can support the project by helping us to buy tools or making a donation.

The best way to fight for women independence is to help one of them to stand on her own. 

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