What can you do with your donation? Some examples

What can you do with your donation? Some examples

Provide medical care
for a girl

Select "$15" (or the first amount box) >>>

Provide medical care
for a girl

Select "$15" (or the first amount box)

Sponsor a girl
to go back to school

Select "$35" (or second amount box) and "monthly" in the form on the right >>>

Sponsor a girl
to go back to school

Select "$35" (or 2nd amount box) and "monthly"

Feed a girl in the shelter
for a month

Select "$90" (or third amount box)
in the form on the right

Feed a girl in the shelter
for a month

Select "$90" (or third amount box)


Because we are transparent:  you can trust us, especially because we are a little NGO in Uganda and our goverment don’t provide our girls or us with support and money. We don’t have any facilitation and it’s a really hard fight: we help girls because we really want to

We only use the donations for the essential for the girls. Moreover, all of the girls really want to improve their lives: they comes from difficult situations and are determined to fight for their rights, to change their future.

If you really believe in women empowerment, in equal right regardless for country and gender,  and you want to make a real difference, choose us to donate and join our Resilient Squad.

You will always be sure we make a good use of you money.

We use it 100% for the essential: food and medical care for vulnerable girls in the shelter, improvements to host them better, sponsorships to go back girls at school, tools for vocational training. 

Depends on the donation method you choose, a very little part of the donation covers transaction costs, to guarantee you a secure transfer. Choosing Givingway method (the form a the top of the page/wishlist) you can enable the checkbox to cover these costs: we’ll receive the whole amount, thank you! 

We believe in total transparency, so below you find transaction costs specifics.


Fees per donation method:

Givingway (form at the top of the page/ wishlist):
7% (platform) + ~2,9% (Paypal/credit card transaction)

No fees

World Remit:
From 0 to 1.99 $ + conversion rate from your currency to our depending of the amount of your donation


Yes, but It’s easy to say. We prefer to let talk a real donor who some years ago chose to trust us and never stops.

“They really work to be transparent, and It means a lot. Over the years,  I met dishonesty, so when I found Lydia and Claire (Executive Director and CFO) at RWO,  I have been so impressed with them. It was a big deal!”
– Judi Musick,  Donor since 2018

Don’t worry, no matter of what donation method you choose: we severely checked all of them before making them available on the website.

If you donate through GivingWay (the form at the top of this page and the one used for our wishlist) your money will be deposited instantly on our account on the platform. Periodically, we withdraw the donations in a unique transfer to our bank account, to be sure to pay less fees as possibile.

If you donate through Sendwave or World remit,
your money will instantly arrive to us, ready to be used. 

If you donate through Bank Wire Transfer,  UIt will takes someday, but we’ll receive your donation directly on our bank account.

Become a sponsor of a girl in the Back to school program it’s easy:  Contact us to meet the girls that are  waiting for sponsorship.

Once you chose the one you want to sponsor,  please make on of the follow donations:

If you prefer sponsor monthly:
Select “$36” (or the second amount box if you have different currency) and choose “Monthly” donation.

If you prefer to sponsor in one time:
Select “$429” (or the last amount box)   and “one time“.

Directly our staff on field and girls: we don’t have intermediaries. Moreover, since we are little (but resilient) organization in Uganda, the people who lead the association are the same ones who take care of the girls on the field. 

There is no risk that your money will be lost: they move directly from you to the staff who will use it for the girls.

No, unfortunately Uganda is not listed between the countries that can directly receive donation through Paypal.

However, if you prefer this payment method, use the donation box on the top of this page: It’s sponsored by GivingWay, that allow us to receive this kind of donations.

Sure, please feel free to contact us through these channels:

Hope Lydia Ndagire
+256 774 090222


or if you prefer,  write us on our Facebook Page

Thank you!  You are now part of our Resilient Squad, click here! 

how to donate with sendwawe

how to donate
with world remit

how to donate with
bank wire transfer