RWO's Clare Nantaba took time to encourage this family to speak up and stand up!!!!The happy young girl, Irene, in the long dress is our heroine.


One of our daughters has become quite the source of inspiration.
When in the face of domestic violence and abuse, she did not stay silent but chose to speak up when a family member continually made assaulting advances against her… this 15-year-old young lady came to us and told us she’d had enough!!
She was tired of having no bed to sleep in, tired of watching her mother being beaten by her stepfather, and tired of her mother not being woman enough to protect her and her siblings even when she confided in her about her stepdad’s sexual assault on her!
I have never seen a young lady so determined to be heard and so sure that she deserved better.. #HearMeOut indeed.
Late last week, a family visit from our team only had us break down further as our daughter’s mum insisted she has nowhere to escape to and she can’t stand up to a man who provides a roof over her head.
As we work on this particular case, Irene has at least sought refuge with RWO from her violent home.
She is a work in progress.
I can only pray the campaign to end domestic violence against women and girls reaches more women. We can no longer use poverty as an excuse to take abuse, but more women need to know that they indeed can work and sustain their own lives.
(Inset are some pictures taken during the family visit…
We will visit again and keep reaching out to this lady and her kids)

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