Resilient Women’s Organization (RWO) in Uganda is a registered grass-root Non-Profit Organization established in 2016 to empower the well-being of child mothers and young women in Uganda. It currently supports 30 young mothers and their children and its main offices located in Kitala, off Entebbe road. It offers a wide range of programs to positively impact the mothers and their children. We are a Non-Profit Organization working to create lasting solutions to poverty & unemployment in the lives of less fortunate young women in Africa, Uganda through our women empowerment programs. At Resilient Women’s Organization, Uganda activities aim at improving the welfare of women and youth in Wakiso District. RWO operates youth-friendly health service centers in Wakiso district which offer a wide range of youth-friendly health services including, HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT), Psychological consultation, Immunization, Family planning services, Antenatal care, diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Resilient Women’s Organization – Uganda works with other partners in the district and has established a strong network of partnerships to overcome development challenges. Resilient Women’s Organization operates in Wakiso District, Central Uganda. Major areas of operation are Kitala; where the main office is located. It also has a shelter for 14 women, 5 of them with babies, Kigungu; where the placement carries out the women’s education outreach project and Nakawuka; where the placement carries out the farming project. It is also a proposed site for a second shelter for teen mothers. It is from growing up under these circumstances that Clare Nantaba and Hope Lydia Ndagire joined forces to effect a change they wished to see in their lives and in their community and country as a whole by founding what was then CHEL Child Mothers Development Organization which has since evolved into Uganda Resilient Women’s Organization. Resilient Women’s Organization headquarters are located on P. O. Box 83, plot 82, Kitala-Kisubi, Entebbe Road, Katabi, Wakiso district. Uganda Resilient Women’s Organization‘s Mission; To create lasting solutions to poverty and unemployment in the lives of the unprivileged girl child in Uganda, Africa, teen mothers, young women and society’s vulnerable by providing and advocating for social and economic empowerment through our women’s education and young women empowerment programs.


Involvement of Grass-root Local-leaders in Creating a supportive SRHR Environment for Girls & Young Women.

Local-Leaders Round Table Talks on adolescent SRHR We thank Entebbe Municipality local leaders from the villages of   Nalugala and Kitala, including the local chairmen, the women’s […]
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