Farming Project

In late 2017, we initiated a new project for agribusiness activities and to establish our second shelter home. The location we chose for these projects are in Kitala, Nalugala and Gerenge, , which is far from the hustle and bustle of city life and is known for its serene environment and fertile lands.

Using the organic farming model

Resilient Women's Organization in Uganda supports and encourages youth to engage in agriculture, providing practical training in various areas of farming

Our aim is to implement an environmentally friendly, organic farming model that includes poultry rearing and piggery. We plan to use the labor of our girls to make this project possible, and once it’s fully operational, the profits from our agribusiness activities will help us sustain our learning packages and provide for some of our feeding needs.

Engage youth in agriculture

Farming young girls - Resilient Young Girls - Africa

Resilient Women’s Organization in Uganda encourages young people to get involved in agriculture and provides support to teach them the best farming practices. Our organization aims to motivate and assist youth in starting agricultural enterprises that provide nutritional supplements and generate income. We offer training in various areas such as kitchen gardening, poultry, goat keeping, piggery, and more. At our youth center, we have demonstration gardens where young people can receive practical lessons. Afterward, they are provided with seeds, especially greens, to plant in their respective homes.

We also provide support to vulnerable young people by giving them seeds and livestock, including goats, pigs, and chickens, to help them start and manage their agricultural ventures.

In addition to this, Resilient Women’s Organization in Uganda offers farming projects that focus on improving food nutrition at the household level. We encourage women and youth to contribute towards their nutritional welfare to improve their health.