Resilient Resource Centre

literacture is freely

The RRC was born from a desire to create a space free of paywalls; where Feminist literacture is freely accessible to those girls and women who desire it outside academia.

Our intention with the resource center is to create a community of  storytellers and book lovers who share books, knowledge

and hold conversations about the wonders they have held

 between pages or on computer screens.

We do this by providing

free access to physical copies of feminist

literature and information on the internet.



Ki_Kati Fridays’ mission is to Curate a space focused on fostering candid healthy conversations, a community of sisterhood and holistic wellness.

Ki kati is a Luganda phrase meaning what’s up, a polite yet casual way to inquire how one is doing and a cool conversation starter for many.

Through these candid conversations, we not only forge meaningful connections with our beneficiaries but we can break down social myths and norms when talking about issues that affect us like the economy, health, carriers, sex, love, relationships, men, family, etc… while building a movement of sisterhood as we continue on the road to ensuring that all women and girls have equal access to services, opportunities and resources.

This is a new project which got kick-started in late 2017 for agribusiness activities as well as to house our second shelter home. Kitala, Nalugala and Gerenge, are a bit far off of town life, serene and has rich capable lands for our proposed model of environmentally-friendly organic farming, poultry rearing and a piggery. Our very own girls will offer labour and once all is up & running, this project will sustain our learning packages and some feeding needs.

Uganda pearl - economics

Youth Support

At Resilient Women’s Organization – Uganda encourages youth to engage in agriculture and support them to learn best farming practices. We encourage and support the youth to start agriculture enterprises for nutritional supplements and income generation such as kitchen gardening, poultry, piggery, goats keeping etc. We have demonstration gardens at the youth centre where youth get practical lessons and after they are given seeds especially, greens to go and plant in their respective homes. We support the vulnerable young people with seeds and livestock such as goats, pigs, chicken among other trades to start and manage their own agriculture ventures.

And Youth support includes second chance education support through Financial Literacy, Support for adult education for women and youth friendly spaces for young women and men to seek Mentorship and guidance

Health Improvement

Additionally Resilient Women’s Organization – Uganda offers Farming projects which  aims at improving food nutrition at household level whereby we encourage women and youth to contribute towards their nutritional welfare so that they can improve their health.

Farming young girls - Resilient Young Girls - Africa