At home when I get sick, there is no treatment. In my future, I see myself as a doctor to help those who can't get treatment.


15 years old girl


abandoned because of a pregnancy

from child marriage

victims of sexual abuse and Gender-based violence

between 13 and 19 years old


A safe place to host vulnerable girls is particularly important in Uganda, because of the culture of child marriage and the high rate of teenage pregnancy.

In our temporary shelter we host girls coming from several vulnerabilities:

Homeless child mothers:  When the parents don’t provide with basic needs, a girl takes the desperate decision to run away with a man who offers help. Unfortunately,  these men often impregnate and abandons girls to not take responsibility.

Rejected-by-family child mothers: Parents reject daughters sometimes because they don’t accept the pregnancy.

Victims of sexual abuse or violence at home: Especially when the girl comes from a broken family, She has to be rescued from a situation of abuse.

Girls escaping from child marriage: The families push adolescent girls to get married, because of economical o cultural reasons. The girl often to ran away from home to not get married.

how it works

We learn the girl is in trouble from police, local community members, or girl herself.

We temporary host and protect her in our shelter, providing her with food, medical care, psychological support and SHRH education.

We work with her family while she is hosted: we sensitize parents and guardians in family visits, offer advise to boost health / financial situation, and teach them about children's rights.

When the girl is ready to face her abuse and move on from this situation, we resettle her in the family home.

We follow up the girl and the family to ensure she is in a safe environment to grow as children without their rights being violated.

true stories: rose

Rose is a 15-year-old girl at the shelter. At home, she lived with her mother in an unsafe environment: she wasn’t going to school and she had no treatment when she was sick.  Rose hadn’t any hope for the future.

RWO intervened and offered her a chance to rediscover her dreams: She is back in school thanks to the Back to School program and has a safe environment to grow and just be a girl, playing with other girls here at RWO.

She wishes her mother would take care of her when she gets ill and would be a mother to her.

She wants to be a doctor one day, to take care of people who don’t have treatments like her before.

our shelter,

our shelter, tomorrow

We always want to do better.  That’s why we’re planning to build a new shelter, in place of the current rented one.

A new shelter will allow us to host and rescue more girls, and give them the chance to change their stories.

Thanks to our resilient donors, we now have owned land.  Currently, there is a farm on the land, to self-sustain our girls. With the help of the donors,  we’ll build there a new shelter. 


Think about the last thing you bOUGHT

(on a e-commerce)

What it was? 
Maybe a bread machine,
a t-shirt with penguins,
or pair of coloured USB socks?

Whatever it was, we are sure it was an amazing product.
But maybe your next expense could be a different one.
You can choose to spend your money in a special way.

With your contribution, you can help us to host girls in trouble.
You can make the difference,
You can fight for human rights,
You can rewrite the ending of a girl’s story.
You just got to become a resilient donor.